Instructions (Read This!)

Below are more specific instructions for the purchase process. Thank you for your time taken to peruse the following steps that you will have to take given the platform restrictions with WooCommerce.

  1. Firstly, please understand that in the egalitarian (i.e equal) interest of this project, the assignment of grids for the project is subject to a first come first served basis. This means that grids will be assigned chronologically to whichever contributor comes first.
  2. Secondly, in acknowledging the apologies for the limitations of the WooCommerce platform, please immediately proceed to a Google forms link provided after the completion of the payment to fill in the prompted questions as per listed in the description on the Reddit post. This form does not take into account the chronological sequence of submission. The payment chronology will take precedence and priority over the form submissions.
  3. The Forms link is:
  4. There, you will have to insert your payment reference number as a screenshot such that I am able to verify the payment made as well as furnish the particulars prompted for me to accomplish the write up and image post.
  5. Please understand that as this is a manual process, this means that it is not an immediate portal post where you will be able to view an autogenerated insertion into the mural. Please allow for the end of business week COB for the orders of the week to be processed.
  6. I will endeavor to answer all questions via the Reddit chat as soon as reasonably possible.
  7. Thank You!

Further updates will also be posted on this page to update Contributors on the progress of the project. Please stay tuned!