Genesis of the Project

FacesofBTC. This project is officially launched on 01/09/2021.

Hello Redditors and Browsers of the World Wide Web, 

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Posting here and seeking your kind upvote and broadcast to help me kickstart this project. I’m working on an art/journalism project to help fund my studies in college and alleviate the financial debts my family has incurred from the aftermath of COVID-19. This project aims to be fully funded and paid for by cryptocurrency, and primarily in $BTC. Without further ado, let me elaborate further to give a clear idea of the direction of this project. 

Firstly, the upfront costs to fund the project. The website will be divided into 20 x 20 grids (i.e 400 blocks) of $1 BTC each. I know many of the people reading this may not have immediately have this amount pegged at the current rates to help me get through with this project, so this is really meant for individuals who have been long term HODL-ers of BTC, and are confident that parting with this amount in their repositories will not contribute to any financial hardships whatsoever.

However, in saying so, I wish to re-emphasise that all the monies earned in the process of this process will be used for meaningful purposes, inclusive of those listed above, and the remaining monies to be contributed to COVID-19 relief funds and Charities that help to uplift children of “Sandwiched” middle-income families in enabling them to move further up the chain of higher education, be it sponsoring them for a Master’s Degree, or a University education, which I myself am a blessed beneficiary of. This will not be made by way of absolute lump sum payments, but rather dividend payments from investment vehicles (reinvestment into financial assets which protect capital such as Bonds), which I will personally curate and update each of the 400 contributors once it is fully completed, via a yearly mailing list. 

Secondly, moving on to the product itself. I’m utilising my Media, Communications, PR & Advertising background to create a webpage with mini-feature stories for each of the 400 individuals whom will be graciously funding my project. 

Things that you and I would have to collaborate on:

  1. Provide me a portrait picture of yourself, animated version, your unique cryptopunk, or a picture of an object that you believe expresses your individuality and is an unique identifier of yourself. 
  2. Similarly, if you are intending to contribute to this project as an entity, company, collective, please upload an image, or logo of the entity that you represent.
  3. In the Instructions page (please read this so you will be clear how to contribute!), you will be prompted to fill a form where you may provide some point-form details about you and your journey with cryptocurrency. I will individually craft them into paragraphs to be featured on the grid. 
  4. You may also suggest the direction and the angle of your intended biography.
  5. Please provide a working email to be subscribed to the mailing list.

Thirdly, and this is the exciting part. After this page fully goes live, it will be a singular page of 400 grids with individually clickable grids that will lead viewers to the feature story that I’ve written. When viewed as an entire webpage, the vision will be that it appears to the spectator as a unified online mural. As it is 400 grids, it is going to be a project that is not going to be fully accomplished by the end of the week, and neither do I expect myself to deliver a half-baked product within such a short time span. 

This is the link to the project page, and this is where you will be able to find the payment platform for the project to commence. 

OK, on to the REAL exciting part. I’m actually grateful that you have read up to this point! After this fully goes live, I will be engaging an auction house (to be decided, could range from Christie’s, Sotheby’s or Tezos, OpenSea etc) to be sold as an entire NFT, with a bidding amount that I’m hoping for to have a minimum $ETH valuation equivalent to the entirety of the investment that has been pooled in via $BTC. The proceeds from the sales of this NFT auction will be redivided to the 400 individuals that have taken the leap to support my project. This means that every individual “Shareholder” of the NFT will stand to get up to the equivalent of their original 1 $BTC investment (or more, fingers crossed), subject to fluctuations. This is an ambitious goal I understand, but I am confident with tactful marketing and this project being the first of its kind, the novel nature is good for a display even in MetaKovan’s backyard following his last Beeple purchase. (I really do!)

In Conclusion, I, like many of you, as faithful proponents of crypto, are keen to see how we can further develop crypto into viable methods of goods and services exchange. This project, like many other NFT projects in the sphere, are a prime testbed for what the exciting future holds. With your support, I hope to make this project a resounding success and beacon for future crypto adopters far and wide. Here is me toasting to all the individuals/collectives that have put their kindred faith and trust in me carrying out this project!

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Thank You!